Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Latest Release - WGA with LegitCheckControl.dll ver. !!!


As on February 6th, 2009 Microsoft has released another updated v1.9.9.1 of Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool.

I would like to thank the users of my work to inform me about this update.

You can use my WGA v1.9.9.1 (posted here) [pswd:SupremoPhantom] to continue downloading all critical and recommended updates from Microsoft.

OK, I forgot to mention a very important detail ... Tested and Confirmed :

My WGA crack release works on ALL Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

My OGA crack release works on ALL Microsoft Office versions.

Till we meet again ... :-)

Cheers and Enjoy !!!

Supremo Phantom

Thursday, February 05, 2009

READ the COMPLETE POST and ALL THE COMMENTS Carefully Before posting ... OR DON'T POST AT ALL !!!

For those who are just blindly posting comments here ... I am assuming you are just someone who is not reading ALL my posts and ALL my comments carefully before posting.

When you show me things that "I" guided everyone to in the first place (but in all fairness, I will allow those comments too), believe me, its very annoying. I hate saying, "I told you so".

I keep repeating the same thing every time. So, for the last time to everyone - READ the COMPLETE POST and ALL COMMENTS Carefully Before posting ... OR DON'T POST AT ALL.



If you seek an activation crack, please ... continue searching outside this page.

WGA crack released is for Windows XP ONLY, it is NOT FOR VISTA.

OGA crack released works on both XP and VISTA.

I said, "As on January 8th, 2009 Microsoft has released an updated version of Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool that contains v1.9.9.0 of the file: LegitCheckControl.dll."

Here is the link to WGA v1.9.9.0:

For those who rely on wikipedia ( for the latest info on WGA, first of all, IT DOES SHOW that the latest version is v1.9.9.0, released on 8th Jan. 2009.

As for that comment by the MS techie, it was with reference to the fake WGA releases (v1.8.32.0 and v1.8.32.1) by that dude, wocarson, that "I" had warned everyone about in the first place.

Wikipedia is an open-source, in-secure knowledge resource where "ANYBODY can post/edit ANYTHING", HOPING that the person sharing that info has verified the information source before posting.

WTH... Man, I can leave a comment as Bill Gates on that page, that from now on, "Windows XP PRO is FREE". Now tell me ... honestly, Would you believe it?

And of course, the MS page, about WGA v1.8.31.9, it has not been updated as yet ... Why? Ask MS, did they ever come out with any release properly, with all their bases covered.


About OGA, I still haven't seen an official MS download link for v1.7.105.35. As far as I know, I still get v1.6.28.0 from and NOTHING in Microsoft Update downloads OGA v1.7.105.35 either.

Here is the link to OGA v1.6.28.0:

I know there are cracked versions of OGA v1.7.105.35 doing the rounds. I can give you OGA v1.8 or even v2.0, but I am sorry, I do not indulge in that game.

So, I am not releasing anything till I see the original genuine release, with the download link, myself.

So in the end, I just got 2 words for you (Oh No, ... not Those two): FREE WILL. ;-)

I share things here out of My Free Will. You wanna use it or not, its Your Free Will. You wanna wait for MS to update their info pages, its Your Free Will again. I ain't gonna force you to download and use anything from here.

BUT - I DO NOT, and WILL NOT release ANYTHING that is not supported by verifiable genuine sources.

Another thing ... I have changed the way I pack and release my files. Some Anti-Virus software may report the file itself as a virus/containing viruses.

FILES SHARED HERE/DOWNLOADED FROM THIS PAGE ARE 100% CLEAN AND DO NOT CONTAIN ANY VIRUSES. I cannot say the same if you got it from somewhere else.

If you trust me, use it, if you trust your AV more, don't use it.

Its like they say, ... "It's MY way, or the HIGHWAY".

Bottom-Line: Release it or not, MY FREE WILL, Use it or not, YOUR FREE WILL.

Now I might have sounded a little rude here, but I am trying to reduce the amount of pointless comments that I get to reply, lately very often. If any one's emotions are hurt in the process, I apologize. No hard feelings were meant for anyone, I hope it is likewise for everyone coming here.

Till we meet again ... :-)

Cheers and Enjoy !!!

Supremo Phantom